I’m an up and coming graphic designer who graduated from Western Kentucky University with a Film and Studio Art degree in December 2017.

I have a heavy interest in animation and film history, specifically, with the Russian animation movement from the 1930’s up to the 1970’s, when artists from the Soviet Union pushed boundaries to break from the traditional standard “Disney model”. Particular role models include Yuriy Norstien, Andrei Kharzhanovsky, and Jiri Trnka, who helped pave the way for modern animation in Eastern Europe and around the globe. I try to preserve the stylistic elements of those masters with my own variation on those themes throughout my work.

My process generally involves paper and pencil sketches, detailed outlines, and various working files with date bookmarks (Example: 10122017_DakotaBragdon_ProjectName; 10132017_DakotaBragdon_ProjectName) to keep all of the saves and files in case I need to go back at any point in the production process.

My most recent project, “Pilgrim”, is a short film based on a novel by Canadian playwright, Timothy Findley (1930-2002). In the works is a traditionally animated short, “The Train to Petrograd”, which details the death of Czar Nicholas II, and “Elliot and Spencer” a live-action science-fiction comedy about time travel.