If You Can’t Be Yourself, Be Batman: “The Lego Batman Movie” Makes an Impressive Run at the Friday Box Office

“The Lego Batman Movie” (McCay 2017) which was released on February 10th, 2017, made an impressive two week run on Friday, beating out three of the February 17th new releases: “Great Wall”, “Fist Fight”, and “A Cure for Wellness”.

According to a  Variety article by Seth Kelley, the animated comedy picked up a healthy figure for a film that is already breaking box office records. “$7.5 million 4,088 theaters on its way to a four-day estimate in the $38 million range” (Kelley 2017).

While “Great Wall”(Yimou 2017) picked up $5.9 million and “Fist Fight” (Keen 2017) $3.8 million, “A Cure for Wellness” (Verbinski 2016) did not have a great opening day in the United States, only gaining a measly $1.5 million. Variety reports that the film could be “on its way to an opening between $4 and $5 million that could leave it out of the top ten.”

“Great Wall”, which has already earned over $200 million overseas “including over $170 million in China since its release on Dec. 16… the film carries a $150 million budget — the most expensive movie ever shot in China ” (Kelley 2017). This is not only a healthy sign for the film, but is also a bit of a make up for the travesty that was “47 Ronin” (Rinsch 2013).

As for “A Cure for Wellness”, let us hope that the film can find a cure for the box office slump that it managed to catch over the weekend. For now, it is Batman that takes the weekend office and hopefully, this time next year, it will get an Oscar nomination as Best Animated Feature as revenge for “The Lego Movie” (Lord and Miller 2014).

Perhaps that is just wishful thinking at its best.

Work Cited

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