Box Office Follow Up: “Beauty and the Beast” and “Kong: Skull Island”

Variety’s Dave McNary reported on Sunday, March 26th, 2017 that Disney’s live action remake, “Beauty and the Beast” amassed $207 million over its second weekend, making the total box office run of two weeks approximately $690 million.

Internationally, “Beauty and the Beast” grosses $119 million, followed closely by “Kong: Skull Isand” with $91 milion according to McNary, who states that the later film came out to be a big winner in China: “including $72.1 million in China for “Kong” with 13.9 million admissions from approximately 18,000 screens for a 71% share of the total box office and the second-biggest international opening in China this year after “Resident Evil” grossed a stunning $91 million” (McNary 2017).

This is good news for Legendary  Pictures, which just two weeks ago, was riding all of their hopes and dreams on “Kong”, well, it has paid off: ““Kong: Skull Island” has now taken in $258.6 million internationally and $133.5 million in the U.S for an impressive worldwide total of $392 million” (McNary 2017). This means that, in terms of box office, “Kong” has made a profit against its production budget of $185 million by doubling the returns. However, there could be many factors in this pursuit, resulting in either loss or gain at this point, as either result is fair game at this point, but we shall have to see how the numbers play out when the run is complete.

In terms of comparison, “Beauty” has trumped “Kong, surpassing it by $300 million, making “Beauty” among the top 100 of all time grossers, taking the 92nd spot. Disney noted that as of Sunday, March 25th, 2017, “Beauty and the Beast” is the fourth consecutive film to surpass the $600 million mark in terms of worldwide gross: “Doctor Strange” ($677,561,661), “Moana” ($617,080,355), and “Rouge One: A Star Wars Story” ($1,055,121,310) (McNary, BoxOfficeMojo 2017). If this is any indication that the Walt Disney Company is making smart business decisions, then perhaps nothing else is. Especially since over the weekend, Disney CEO Bob Iger extended his contract til 2019 (Masters 2017).

We’ll have to wait and see with Disney for how well the summer films will do. In terms of Legendary, hopefully “Kong” puts them in a more comfortable and easy state to push on and make something even more extraordinary in the coming years. Perhaps we shall see a resurgence in monster movies, at least, that’s the hope anyway.

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