Follow Up: WGA Strike Likely

Dave McNary of Variety reported on Sunday, April 30th, 2017, that leaders of the Writer’s Guild of America prepare for a strike to take place on Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017. History will once again repeat itself as it did a decade ago, with picketing and rallies taking place at eight studios (McNary 2017). Chris Keyser, one of the chairmen of the WGA committee, notes that everyone is having anxiety over this:  “We’re asking everyone to live in the anxiety with us for the next few days.” Still though, there is hope for there to be negotiations between the WGA and AMPTP occurred Sunday, with a possible extension on midnight May 1st deadline, but this is unlikely.

An unofficial memo was sent out to the WGA from a strike organizer, and a spokesperson from WGA West clarified: “The Writers Guild has not issued any memos to members or updates on the status of negotiations.”

The memo calls for hope in negotiations but in case the negotiations fall through, the memo instructed recipients to gather any materials they had in the office, to invoice studios before Tuesday (May 2nd) for any money owed, and to prepare to strike.

This is main problem I personally have with unions, while I agree that every person should be paid a fair amount and that striking can be effective to gain certain rights and privileges; from an economic standpoint however, everyone loses when it comes to a strike. Persons participating in the strike lose a paycheck or receive a lower one depending on how long the strike goes, and businesses can lose profitable persons and ideas. There is a reason though that the WGA is hesitant. Clearly, no one wants to strike, but they feel that they do not have any choice in the matter. It all depends on what happens at midnight and then tomorrow. Hopefully, we shall not have a repeat of what occurred in 2007 with a standstill of production and the creation of mediocre prime-time programming.

Work Cited

McNary, Dave. “Memo Tells Writers Guild Captains to ‘Be Ready to Strike Tuesday’.” Variety. N.p., 30 Apr. 2017. Web. 01 May 2017.


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