And Then Khartoum Destroyed the World

Originally Written: May 4th, 2016 In 1966, when the Beatles were bigger than Jesus, Basil Dearden, one of Britain’s lesser known film directors of the time, embarked on a film that chronicled what is now an ironic circle of repetition, Khartoum (Dearden 1966). Although the historical accuracy of the film is debatable, it depicted the [...]


Make Your Way Through Little Hedgehog: The History of Russian Animation from 1947-1979

Western animation, while beautiful and memorable as it is, has a certain conscious of other countries and their animated mediums, and a cultural myopic tendency to others. Japan is known for anime and Britain for the work of Nick Park and Terry Gilliam, but one country that is particularly overlooked is Russia. Laura Pontieri believes [...]

Candle Concerto

Run Time: 30 seconds / 3 minutes (varies) Program: Maya (2017) Plot: A little candle in the middle of a restaurant puts on a lovely rendition of Claude Debussy's "Clair de Lune" with beautiful atmospheric lighting.


  The centerpiece for my portfolio, it is my senior project. Based on the novel by Timothy Findley, I first read the novel back in 2012, and knew that I had to write a script based on the work. after a few years of working on the project, I approached the publishers, who agreed to [...]