Through Passing Comes Peace

Run Time: 26 seconds

Medium: Traditional / Charcoal

Lighting: Natural

Inspiration: William Kentridge

Plot: A young kid walks up to a mysterious castle on a cliff, only to discover that a butler with a zipped up face is residing over his master that is taken away by death.

Meaning; The title gives the viewer a clue as to what this piece is about, it is about coming to terms with literal death and being liberated from a different kind of death. The Butler has been serving this family for years, and has not left the grounds because his master has been alive; with the Master dying, the Butler now has the chance to go and live his life and the Master, when he looks back, gives the man his freedom. Death, meanwhile, does his job.

A piece that was heavily inspired by the work of William Kentridge, South African artist who is known for his charcoal paintings and animations (Johanesburg: 2nd Greatest City After Paris, Felix in Exile). The challenge in this piece, which was my first charcoal animation, was the lighting, which goes in and out due to natural lighting being used. I thought it was a nice design choice, but looking back it was not the best decision. If I could go back and re-do this piece, I would keep the lighting and registration consistent. The design of the piece was fun and my favorite part was the fire flame, which I wanted to have a character/personality on its own per Calcifer (Howl’s Moving Castle).


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